We offer a wide variety of custom made quality fursuits, parts, props, plushies, kigus, and many other hand made items. The options listed below are a small example of some of the options available. All prices shown are affected by complex designs and characters with more than 2 colors.

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Full Suit

Fullsuits start at $3350. These include head, handpaws, feetpaws, bodysuit, and tail.

Partial Suit

Partial suits start at $2150. These include head, handpaws, feetpaws, arm sleeves, and tail.


Toony Foam Head

Pricing for heads start out at $1500 for a toony foam head. These are built with quality foam and include plush teeth, nose, 3D eyes, and plush tongue. These heads are fully lined so no foam touches your face. Visibility and breath-ability are good. Can not guarantee they will fit glasses.

Toony Resin Head

Resin toony heads are not currently being offered. They include everything the foam head has, but includes a moving jaw. At this time do not make our own resin bases and must purchase them from other makers such as Dream Vision Creations. These usually fit people with glasses, but cannot fit wide faces comfortably due to size restrictions. Straps inside head are adjustable. These heads also have a zipper on back for easy adjustment of straps.

Realistic Head

Realistic resin heads are not currently being offered. These are built on a resin base and include all resin plastic or silicone parts (tongue, jaw-set, nose, and eyes). They are detailed with airbrushing to get the perfect blending of colors.

Additional options available for heads include fans, LEDs, magnetic eyelids, removable plush tongues, Magnetic horn/antler sets, and some custom jewelry.



Standard handpaws come with 4 fingers and fleece paw pads. Base price for these is $175. They are not lined, but the edge is trimmed to give the paws a clean look.

Additional options for handpaws are claws and 5 fingered. Deluxe paws that are big, poofy and bap-able are available as well. We can make hoof hand paws as well.



Standard feetpaws come with outdoor sole. Base price for these is $250. These are fully lined and top edge is trimmed to give paws a clean and comfortable look.

Additional options for feetpaws are claws, fur and paw pads on bottom. Indoor slipper paws are available. These are very plushy, fully lined, but only recommended for short wear due to lack of feet support. Hooves can be made as well. If ordering feet, we can also make sandals to fit the indoor paws for $100 more. These are only offered to customers purchasing feetpaws from us to insure sandals fit perfectly.

Arm and Leg Sleeves

Arm and Leg Sleeves

We offer both arm and leg sleeves. Prices start at $150 for arms and $250 for legs. These are worn with clothing. Arms are connected with elastic and are trimmed for clean look. Legs are sewn to boxers. Neither are lined but can be sewn to moisture wicking athletic wear for additional cost.



We offer both full and half bodysuits. Halfsuits are perfect for characters that always wear a shirt or for individuals that overheat easily. Prices start at $1350 for full body, $750 for half body. Full body suits have a front zipper. Half body suits are sewn to athletic pants.

Extras: Digi padding available for additional costs along with full butt, hip, and thigh digi padding. Inside pockets for stashing phone, roomkey, wallet etc are available. Extra crotch zippers can be added.



We can make any manor of tail. Short or long. You want a floor dragger, we can make those too. We can add spikes and plush feathers. Average price is $100. Want to annoy everyone around you? We can add a squeaker in the tip of the tail.

Other Items

Additional information for Kigus, plushies, props, etc coming soon. We are not currently taking orders on these items.